California Video Production

Getting your product or service in front of millions is no longer exclusively achieved through broadcast TV. With the web and California social media marketing, you have an immediate, more personal, cost-effective video delivery method – and no need for a huge media buy. You’ve heard the term, “an image is equal to a thousand words”, well imagine what video is at 24 frames per second to your viewers?!


There’s an art to creating successful YouTube videos. You must simultaneously educate, engage and entertain your audience. Video is a powerful medium for explaining concepts, capturing attention and igniting the imagination, and Top Hand Media works closely with our clients to discover the right approach for their particular topic.


Commercials, web videos, marketing videos, videography, basically anything that has to do with shooting imagery and making people, products, and places look good, that's what we do.


Our passion comes from seeing the look on your face when you see the final video production of your services or products. Our goal is to tell your story, and tell it well!