THM’s Weekly Dish – Instagram, Inside Out/Vote recap, FC Foxes, and the change to Chronological

Instagram Stories on Fleek It’s no secret that people LOVE Instagram stories. Whether it’s for work or personal use, Instagrammers really strive to make their stories stand out. If graphic design is not your strong  suit and you’re looking for a way to vamp up your posts or make them more professional looking, here’s a…

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Branded Content: Videos

Photo by from Pexels

One of the most powerful ways to use branded content is through video. Video content creates an instant sense of connection between the consumer and the brand, allowing the brand to become more than just its product. By humanizing the brand, consumers are engaged far more than they would be otherwise. Here are a few…

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Branded Content: Blogs

Before the creation of Instagram or YouTube, blogs were a popular way for brands to reach a wide audience. Although social media has changed how we seek and consume information, branded content blogs are still a great way to gain a dedicated consumer base. By following a few clear-cut rules, your business can create a…

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