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All in the Family

For some families, tradition is everything. Sharing meals, taking trips, ringing in the holidays. Most of us are familiar with the idea of family ties but for Jarrod Markarian, these rituals are more than that. They help define his identity in a way that you might not expect.


Perhaps owing to their humble roots (his great-grandfather moved to the Valley after WW2 and took up farming, a family affair which persists to this day), staying close is a huge priority for Jarrod’s family. A third generation Armenian-American, he’s grown accustomed to the sense of community that stems from laying a strong foundation for the future of a family putting down roots in a new country.


That’s also why, out of all his family’s traditions, their annual summer trip to Pismo Beach is so special to him. While the majority of his extended family makes it out to Pismo in January, the summer gathering is more intimate, consisting of his grandparents, aunts and uncles, and his cousins. The oldest of this new generation, his days are becoming increasingly hectic as he juggles being a full-time student and budding videographer, all while doing his best to maintain an active lifestyle. All the more reason for him to soak up every second of his time with loved ones.


One thing is for sure. No matter where life takes him, Jarrod will always carry the value of family ties and tradition with him.



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One of my favorite family traditions is going to Pismo Beach for a week before the annual car show that my grandpa brings one of his classic cars to. We have been going on this trip since before I was born with no end in sight.

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During our vacations, my family is constantly on the go and we enjoy doing anything that promotes a healthy lifestyle and being active. Our trip normally includes wiffle ball games, beach volleyball tournaments, kayaking the coast line, and this year a 5-mile hike up the Pismo coast line mountains.

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I always have a great time each year, but this summer really stands out because it's the first time my girlfriend has come along for the whole week.

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