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Going Back to Cali

There ain’t no party like a west coast party.


Jen Pan knows this first hand. Landlocked and east of the Rockies for over two decades, she recently set foot in Pacific waters for the first time in 21 years. Having relocated to California, this trip was long overdue and perhaps even part of an effort to reinvent herself in her 30s. A recent addition to the THM fam, Jen’s efforts behind the camera or at an editing bay are inspired by her quest for more. More knowledge, more fun, more adventure. That might mean a trek through the mountains or a walk along the beach but, regardless of the destination, the journey is her true focus.


In fact, all of this... the move, the job, the journey… is part of Jen’s new ethos.


For her, this adventure is about more than just getting out and having fun. It represents a fresh start... a new life. The smell of the ocean, the feel of the warm sand, the miles of coastline… these memories become part of her narrative. She’s looking for purpose and the opportunity to tell her own story. Maybe that’s why time spent exploring feels so meaningful. It doesn’t just help pass the time away from a busy life full of projects and deadlines. It captures the imagination and reinvigorates the soul.


This year, Jen already has over a dozen trips under her belt including Big Sur, Kings Canyon, Monterey, and San Francisco but her bucket list is still far from complete. A busy schedule means she sometimes only has a day to get away but the satisfaction she gets from checking these trips off her list makes it well worth the effort. Don’t take her word for it though, get out and find your own after hours adventure. You never know what you might discover!

I was compelled to move to Cali to start a new life, new slate, a name for myself within the media realm.

The Great American Fish Company ... was the best seafood I ever had in my life. The crab mac & cheese was mouth watering.

It was the first time in over 21 years that I stepped foot in the ocean’s water... I just never had the opportunity to go back to any coast. I was landlocked for a very long time.

It felt absolutely amazing and refreshing. The soft and warm sand felt wonderful. A sense of euphoria whenever the waves came rolling in and crashed against my feet.