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It's Getting Hot in Here

In this life, to get ahead, you’ve got to be flexible.


Christine Rose Brown knows the meaning of the word. She’s been practicing hot yoga and pilates for nearly 10 years and a busy life means she needs to be flexible in all things, not just her body. Always on the go, yoga is her chance to slow down. To unwind. This is where she finds her focus. It’s her happy place. When she’s not writing proposals and drumming up business for THM, her voice and personality are a part of the fabric of this community.


A true people person, her teachings at Blue Moon Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates are not only part of her identity, but part of why she got into this lifestyle in the first place. She thrives on seeing her students grow and learn more about themselves and about the practice - this pushes her to be more herself.


She started teaching back in 2010. Her passion for the practice led her instructor at the time to take interest in her training and push her to becoming a trainer herself. Through countless hours, long nights, and tireless weekends, she’s found that her path, while unconventional, is exactly what she needed.


She’s made amazing friends, forged an extended family, and discovered a safe space that some days is a calling and other days an escape. No matter the day, though, she always calls it home.

I just fell in love with the practice and what it did for me physically and mentally. I felt empowered to be a ‘messenger’ and share what I knew about it with others, knowing it could also make a difference in their lives.

Some of my favorite moves are some of the most simple but most impactful: Triangle, downward dog, and gorilla! Triangle is a tough one because it works so many muscles at the same time. I love downward dog because it gives me the most delicious stretch. Gorilla is super amazing because it gives me the hand/wrist massage I need because of all the typing and texting I do!

I gave it a shot thinking it would be fun to try… but after one class I became hooked. I loved the physical and mental challenge it gave me, and still so many years later- I am still learning something new through my practice and finding ways to improve.

I also try and remind people that every little bit helps and the more you practice, the more flexible you become. Every single class I take I still remind myself of the saying ‘it’s yoga practice, not yoga perfect’.