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Regatta Love It

Caitlin Frasch will tell you that life truly begins at 7,000 feet. That a little sunburn is no match for the blissful solitude of a walk with nature. That you can never collect too many pine cones.


She fits the definition of “mountain girl” to a T, trading in her business casual look for an outdoor aesthetic every chance she gets. While holding down the fort in a busy office may consist of countless meetings, phone calls, emails, and more lists than you can imagine, weekends are for leaving all that behind and heading to up her favorite place in the world: Huntington Lake.




The benefits of living near and working in a city are not lost on her, but lately she’s found that’s all the more reason to unplug and unwind as often as possible. More than a ritual, it’s almost a physical necessity. One that rejuvenates the soul and leaves a clean slate, ready for whatever new challenges await the following week.


There’s nothing like leaving the concrete jungle behind you to start making your way through the hairpin turns that will eventually lead you home.


This particular weekend was all about experiencing the annual High Sierra Regatta up close and personal for the first time. Caitlin’s been living and working in the Huntington area since her high school days but seasonal events like this one have always come with the added responsibility of tending to the huge influx of hungry patrons who’ve all made their way into the area for the same purpose. It’s always just been part of mountain town life to her until she found herself with a job that opened up her weekends and with them, worlds of possibility for new adventure!

When my husband and I were able to really take in the race this year (up close and personal) I was blown away. So much wind, boat traffic, flags flying and horns blowing… it was great seeing boats large and small giving it their all to make their mark.

The High Sierra Regatta takes place every summer over multiple weekends, depending on water levels. For more information, check out The Fresno Yacht Club 

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When the weekend rolls around I’ll still find myself waking up at 7 am giddy as ever to pack my lake bag. Blanket, sunscreen, hat, water jug, a good book and we’re ready to go.

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Once you reach 7,000 feet your entire outlook on life changes. The air is fresh, the smell of forest surrounds you and all I wonder about is how many pine cones I can fit in my trunk.

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Being 7 miles long and 1 mile wide Huntington Lake is lucky to be one of the top racing lakes in the nation. Every weekend growing up we’d see the sailers roll into town with their Schooners and Catamarans getting ready to enjoy a weekend full of fun.

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I would give anything to walk solely into the woods. Sit and listen. Feel the moss beneath me, take in the smell of the pine trees and hear the crunching of sticks as I make my way through. This is the place where you discover who you truly are... or at least who you want to be.