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In Movember, Run-Mo-Run!

As a digital marketing and advertising agency, specifically in California, Top Hand Media would like you to stop and appreciate the continual creative things Movember is doing.

It you haven’t seen it, Movember has launched a free game called ‘Run Mo Run’ a “run until you crash” – style game.
There are many great features including a ‘checkpoint’ system that allows you to pick up the game where you left off. Similar to many other games you unlock new modes as you complete levels. Going from easy to hard to nightmare is no joke. Nightmare is only for those people who get paid to play!

One of the best features of the game are the Ads at each checkpoint. This is an innovative and unique way for the player to choose to either watch the 30-45 second Ad or bounce by paying a fee, anywhere from $4.99 and up. Movember strategically partnered with some of the biggest game companies to push these Ads to you.

Another great part of this partnership strategy is forcing you to watch the Ads all the way through. See, if you select to ‘skip’ the Ad after five seconds your checkpoint is not saved. Ahhh……so now you are in a dilemma – risk moving forward not knowing what is next or watch the Ad all the way through. Well-done Movember – well done!

Lastly, if you just want to play the ‘cooler’ levels like ‘Mo Rocker’ or ‘Macho Mo’ you can do so instantly by paying a nominal fee of $2.99.

It is great to see in a digital world where great causes and ideas get left behind, organizations like Movember pushing the boundaries of marketing, branding and community. If you have not paid attention to their Social Media Marketing – check them out on Facebook , Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram, they always have creative ways to share their brand and to get their passion for men’s health to more and more people every year.

What are you waiting for? Click here to get more information on ‘Run Mo Run’ and if you want to donate to protect the futures of the men in your life click here.