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Minas vs Cancer – Strikes Against Cancer

On Saturday, 2/20/2016, the Top Hand Media team had the privilege of being one of the sponsors of Strikes Against Cancer at Rodeo Lanes in Clovis, California. A Minas vs. Cancer event, THM took to the lanes with 130 other bowlers to raise over $6,500 for the foundation and to continue to help them achieve their mission of bringing resources and awareness to families who are affected by cancer.

Our President, Jerry Reid, whose shirt was monogrammed with his bowling alias ‘The Hammer’ harkened back to his days of a childhood bowling protégé with a powder blue button up and custom suede bowling shoes. As Top Hand Media’s highest scoring team member, he helped carry the weight of his rag tag team of digital media enthusiasts which included Bone Saw, Honcho, Frodo, and The Executioner.  While most of the team is not destined to become the next great American bowler, we can almost guarantee an honorable mention in technique. Some did the Granny, some threw the ball, nearly everyone rolled it into the gutter once or twice, but most importantly, we all had our own celebratory dance move. From Frodo’s unique renditions of classical disco to Bone Saw’s silent head nods of deep and soulful satisfaction, it was clear that Top Hand Media knows that no matter how poorly you perform, the only thing that really counts is that you nail your signature move.

With jokes aside, the afternoon was a dedication to a cause that unfortunately, too many people are affected by. These types of charitable events strengthen our ties to the community and remind us that no matter what the struggle is, we are never truly alone. We believe in these connections because without them, we wouldn’t have the city we love or the company that let’s us choose our passion as a means of living. We don’t believe in going through the motions. We believe in meaningful actions that affect the bigger picture. That picture hangs on the nature of the human condition and if we are able to help stabilize that, even if it is just bowling for a few hours, no act is too small, and no one’s bowling game too poor to make a difference.

We had a wonderful time on Saturday and if anyone wants to challenge Top Hand Media to a bowling tournament (some of us are hoping that you kind of don’t) you can guarantee we’ll dust off our bowling balls, click our blue suede shoes, and get ready to bust out some seriously cliché dance moves all the way to the alley.

Want to learn more about Minas vs Cancer or Strikes Against Cancer? Head to their website to discover how you can help this organization support local families battle cancer.