Branded Content: Blogs

Before the creation of Instagram or YouTube, blogs were a popular way for brands to reach a wide audience. Although social media has changed how we seek and consume information, branded content blogs are still a great way to gain a dedicated consumer base. By following a few clear-cut rules, your business can create a great relationship with readers.

Post often.

It’s important to remember that although blogs are fairly quick and easy to begin, they do require a high level of upkeep and consistency in order to ignite and keep interest. Stay diligent about posting.


Tell stories.

Creating series-based content can give readers a sense of urgency to revisit the blog. Include photographs, provide insight, and engage with relatable situations.


Find an appropriate word count and tone.

Make sure the length of the post is relative to what is being discussed, and that content is clear and concise. Also, be sure that the tone of the post is a good match for the content. Don’t be afraid to use humor, first person, or even emotional engagement. Now more than ever, audiences are connecting through personal stories and experiences.


Be crystal clear.

Understand your goal for the blog. Who is your audience? Why are they coming to the blog? What are they taking away? Having a clear understanding of what purpose your blog holds will help when deciding what kind of content you want to include. Even if the content varies, aim for a cohesive “on-brand” model that can help your team create stories that are a good fit.


Branded content blogs done right:



Etsy’s blog focuses on success stories. Etsy does a great job of tapping into its diverse audience and sellers, telling the story of “something for everyone.”



Kajabi, an entrepreneurial platform for online courses, understands its audience and tailors its blog posts to be informational and inspirational.



This luxury brand stretches its reach by appealing to those interested in what goes into product creation. The inclusion of bright, beautiful photographs tells a story just as much as the caption and interactive aspects of the site. This engagement is quick and informative while still feeling luxurious.