Fresno Yosemite International Airport

The Ask 

FYIA came to us for help with producing graphics for monthly publications. It’s very important that our team to take a step back and research what each publication is trying to accomplish. Wether it’s promoting outboundl or inbound travel it’s important to find the right image to relay the message. 

The Solution

With ongoing publications it’s important to keep things fresh while keeping branding consistent. When a client knows what they like you do what you can to stick with it while thinking outside the box. At times photo discovery may be taxing, but there is always a sense of pride when you stumble across the perfect find. 

The Results 

The team is always going to be challenged with finding just the right imagery. That coupled with a fun font that brings life to the graphic can open the door to possibilities. Monthly projects also keep us on our feet and always looking for new ways to be creative relevant.