Touchstone’s Social Success Story

The Ask

Touchstone, a rehabilitation center, approached Top Hand Media with a unique dual objective: to boost patient enrollment and (most importantly) to create relatable, non-intrusive, and motivational content for individuals struggling with addiction. Their vision was to share success stories and inspiring narratives to encourage those in need to seek treatment towards recovery.

The Challenge

Convincing individuals battling addiction to seek help or treatment is a complex challenge. Typically, people often seek assistance only when they have hit rock bottom. Touchstone aimed to reach a broader audience, especially those who proactively choose treatment. The objective was to convey that without intervention, their situation could lead to devastating consequences for not only themselves, but also those around them.

The Strategy

Our team at THM undertook an extensive consultation process with the Touchstone team and conducted thorough visits to their facilities. The outcome was a comprehensive strategy that involved the development of a Brand Video and a Podcast Series. Both of these mediums showcased various components of Touchstone’s program, including Alumni Meetings, Health Coaching, Sound Bath Treatments, and more. The content creation process involved the production of educational and tutorial videos, accompanied by the launch of the aforementioned podcast series.

The impact of these efforts was profound, not only within the Touchstone community but also in Fresno County and beyond. THM strategically placed compelling narratives and educational resources on popular streaming platforms such as YouTube TV, Hulu, Paramount+, and widely-used apps which resulted in a remarkable 235% increase in enrollment since THM took charge in February 2023.

This case study serves as a testament to the power of storytelling and digital media in Driving Change and encouraging individuals to take the crucial step towards recovery.

Top Hand Media’s strategic content creation and distribution not only reinvigorated Touchstone’s enrollment but also helped inspire and guide individuals towards seeking treatment for addiction. Through compelling narratives and informative resources, Touchstone’s mission to make a positive impact on the community was significantly amplified, and we are thrilled to have had a Top Hand in making our community a happier, healthier and more inspired place.