Everson Spice Co.

The Ask 

Everson Spice Co. came to our agency in need of an updated website with professional photos showcasing their product. Our team had to take into consideration who Everson Spice Co. was marketing to. We focused on the big picture, making sure their premiere seasonings and marinades got in front of markets and grocers across the country.

The Solution

We collaborated with their team to hone in on the products they wanted to feature. After a bit of food styling our photographer went to work. We focused on color and freshness while not overwhelming the shoot with too many elements. 

The Results 

After a successful photo shoot not only did we walk about with growling stomachs, we delivered photos that made you taste the quality just by looking at them. It’s important to take the time to really drill down on what your client is wanting to showcase. After working with the web team we were able to not only revamp their website, but make them proud of legacy they are keeping alive with a refreshed modern look at will catch anyone’s eye.