Creative Video Production

Always Looking for a Challenge

It takes a lot of moving parts to make a story come to life through video production. We specialize in every stage of video production from pre-production, talent acquisitions, and location scouting to directing, post production, and audio engineering. Ready to challenge our video team?

Why hire THM for video production?

There’s an art to creating successful videos. You must simultaneously educate, engage and entertain your audience. Video is a powerful medium for explaining concepts, capturing attention and igniting the imagination, and Top Hand Media works closely with our clients to discover the right approach for their particular topic.

Commercials, web videos, marketing videos, videography, basically anything that has to do with shooting imagery and making people, products, and places look good, that’s what we do.

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Creative Ideas & Storytelling

Our video team is constantly looking for new ways to effectively tell stories. Being creative comes naturally and telling stories is second nature.

Focused Strategy

Defining your strategy will help us determine the best format and placement for your video. Our team can help you define your strategy for your video marketing.

Proven Process

We firmly believe thorough pre-production will mold the best product. We take the time to brainstorm concepts, design storyboards, and write scripts to show the client exactly what they can expect.

Account Communication

There's a lot of moving parts that can get lost in communication and we won't let that happen. Every client has their own account manager who will make sure quality and deadlines are meeting expectations.

Video Marketing & Strategy

Getting your product or service in front of millions is no longer exclusively achieved through broadcast TV. With the web and California social media marketing, you have an immediate, more personal, cost-effective video delivery method – and no need for a huge media buy. You’ve heard the term, “an image is equal to a thousand words”, well imagine what video is at 24 frames per second to your viewers?!

Our passion comes from seeing the look on your face when you see the final video production of your services or products. 

Determing our Goals

There's a lot of ways you can utilize video marketing to help your efforts. Whether you want to engage with customers or educate prospects. You can tell us what you want to happen and we can tell you how we'll do it.

Purposeful Content

Once we determine our video marketing strategy we can start conceptualizing the purpose of our message. Having a clear message will help your brand stand out.

Reaching Your Audience

There's a lot of different ways you can advertise your videos online and we can tell you the best way. Our team create ads on a daily basis and works with platforms that change month to month.

Creating Engagement

When prospects, users, and clients are engaging with your videos you're winning. We know how powerful those shares and comments are and we want to bring you as many as we can.

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