Unifying Salus

The Ask

Our team at Top Hand Media was presented with a clear and essential ask: unite Rigel and Salus into a single company while simultaneously creating a compelling social awareness identity. The project encompassed multiple components, including a new website, a comprehensive logo transformation, the development of Brand Guidelines, production of Brand Videos, and the formulation of a strategic advertising and marketing plan tailored to the payments industry.

The Challenge

The Merchant and Payments Industry represents a fiercely competitive landscape, demanding a distinctive approach. The primary challenge was to convey the significance of a reliable and secure banking partner while establishing trust as a top priority. This was especially critical in the fast-paced and ever-evolving modern business environment. Salus needed to emphasize its expertise in assisting businesses, whether they needed a straightforward payment terminal or a comprehensive point of sale system, to provide the best possible customer experience. This task was not without its complexities, given the dynamic nature of the industry.

The Results

The outcome of the project was a fundamental transformation of Salus’s business identity. The comprehensive rebranding effort included the development of a Brand Guide that would serve as a strategic reference for the company. Additionally, the company’s social media presence and video marketing content underwent a complete overhaul, creating a fresh and engaging image for Salus in the digital sphere that will continue to attract new business. And that is how we helped Salus Drive Change!