The Touchstone Approach

In the heart of the Central Valley, where families and individuals have struggled with the harrowing challenges of addiction for decades, Touchstone has emerged as a steadfast beacon of hope. For over 20 years, this organization has been dedicated to guiding individuals on the path to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, providing them with compassionate, professional, and confidential care. As the epidemic of opioid addiction continues to sweep through communities, Touchstone recognized the growing need for its services. This case study delves into how Touchstone partnered with THM to leverage the power of authentic storytelling through a podcast series, ultimately forging a stronger, healthier community in Fresno County.

The Ask

While Touchstone had been a cornerstone of the community for years, the escalating opioid crisis brought new urgency to its mission. The organization’s goal was to expand its reach, share success stories, and build a community where addiction’s grip could be loosened. The challenge was clear: how to authentically reach more families and individuals in need of their services? Touchstone turned to THM with a simple yet profound request: help us connect with the community through genuine and impactful marketing strategies.

The Idea

Our Top Hand team  recognized that in order to create a true connection and inspire action, the stories shared needed to be raw, unfiltered, and deeply personal. The concept of a podcast series emerged as a powerful medium to deliver these narratives. Once a month, Nolen, the Executive Director of Touchstone, sat down with alumni members for intimate one-on-one conversations about their addiction journeys and paths to recovery. This series, aptly titled “Into Action,” aimed to bring the audience face-to-face with the pain, struggles, and ultimately, the triumphs of those who have battled addiction.

The podcast episodes were meticulously crafted to humanize the recovery process. By delving into the depths of addiction and the subsequent journey to recovery, these stories became a source of inspiration and relatability for individuals seeking help. The unfiltered narratives showcased the real faces behind addiction, breaking down the barriers of shame and stigma that often surround it.

Expanding Reach and Impact

The “Into Action” podcast series found a home on YouTube and various podcast streaming platforms. This multi-channel approach allowed Touchstone’s message to reach a wider audience, catering to different preferences in content consumption. Viewers and listeners were able to engage with the stories at their convenience, making the content accessible and relatable.

In addition to the podcast series, THM created a suite of supplementary videos. These videos provided insights into the Touchstone recovery process, offered educational resources on sobriety, and covered topics related to both physical and mental health. The content extended beyond individual recovery, emphasizing the importance of ongoing community outreach programs and events. This comprehensive approach aimed to not only assist those in recovery but also foster a supportive and compassionate community that actively worked towards breaking the cycle of addiction.


The results were beyond expectations. The “Into Action” podcast series garnered a dedicated following, with individuals resonating deeply with the stories shared. The authenticity of the narratives drew in listeners, driving engagement and sparking conversations around addiction and recovery. Through the power of storytelling, Touchstone achieved its goal of expanding its reach, sharing success stories, and building a healthier Fresno County community where addiction is confronted with empathy and understanding.

The Touchstone and Top Hand Media partnership exemplifies the transformative potential of authentic storytelling in tackling complex societal challenges like addiction. By showcasing the resilience and strength of individuals who have overcome addiction, Touchstone not only extended a lifeline to those in need but also played a pivotal role in reshaping the narrative surrounding addiction. This case study serves as a testament to the fact that true and authentic marketing strategies, rooted in genuine human experiences, can create lasting impacts that go beyond the confines of traditional outreach efforts. Through the “Into Action” podcast series and accompanying content, Touchstone continues to Drive Change and pave the way towards a brighter, addiction-free future for the Central Valley community.