The Ask

Create a mascot for Fresno Yosemite International Airport.

The Challenge

What makes a good mascot? Mascots were classically seen as carriers of luck and positive energy.

We always strive to create messaging that is human-centered and inspires a strong emotional connection to the brand it represents.

We asked/ told ourselves the following – What things should a mascot do:

  • Personify the brand as much as possible.
  • Enhance communication with the audience.
  • Unify visual marketing and be applicable to diverse advertising strategies.
  • And above all – Be memorable and immediately recognizable.

There is no handbook for the perfect mascot.

The Results

Inspired by our region’s natural beauty, the team explored multiple ideas based on the wildlife you typically find in and around our 3 local National Parks. Squirrels, goats, trees… we even sketched up an adorable little cloud. But nothing stuck quite like the most obvious candidate…

And that’s how Gordo was born. 

We went through countless revisions to get the look just right. We tried a variety of color palettes, some inspired by nature, some by the client brand guide, and some wild ideas just for fun. 

It is rewarding to see all the posts and hashtags used with Gordo. Everything from kids, families, or even couples on social media.  

It definitely gives FYIA a new identity and like all mascots, helps perpetuate the brand.

It was a privilege for THM to be selected to help create a mascot for our local airport and we look forward to many more projects like this or similar as our Valley continues to grow.