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Every ad agency today believes they are the best and most creative. It’s a mantra we must have as advertisers to keep us on the cutting edge. The truth is there are a handful of true creatives today, and the others live in a vacuum.

The team at TMH has highly-skilled individuals in tune with past and current advertising and marketing practices. We are strategic thinkers, passionate about our partners, advocates for better marketing tactics, and we believe industry standard is dead and gone. First impressions matter and inspired design, content, and video affect how customers perceive a brand. Our expert insight into consumer behavior gives us the edge on new strategies that strengthen missions and attain goals, plan and simple.

At THM, our mission is to challenge old strategies, disrupt the norm, and change perspectives on traditional practices. Together, we will drive change for your company and your customers.


At THM, our mission is to be the drivers of change, rather than reacting to it. We don’t adopt trends; we create them. We are driven by a desire to provide our clients with innovative ideas and new ways of gaining market identity through direct participation in a world obsessed with consumption of digital media.

We do more than simply connect your brand and service with current and future customers. We connect people with lifelong brand loyalty by helping you design an online business strategy, tell engaging stories, and deliver experiences that inspire action. 

What drives you?


At the core of every project, you’ll find a balance between creative ideas and strategic planning.

We host brainstorming sessions, do our research, and turn over every stone to come up with as many fresh ideas as possible for getting a message out there.

And once the idea is real, we look at the psychology behind placing those messages and products in the right place at the right time for the greatest impact.

Jerry Reid

Founder, President, & Director of Accounts

With over 25 years of experience in high level management, advertising and marketing, Jerry founded Top Hand Media in 2014. With a dual Masters in Public Administration and Business Entrepreneurial Development, the mindset was simple: Bring a new age to advertising and marketing in the Central Valley.

His passion to grow young businesses, while helping those who have been entrenched in the Valley for decades become more visible through digital marketing strategies, has proven to be tremendously successful. Driven by creative, fresh and innovative advertising methods, Jerry and his team at THM are committed to one simple thing – Driving Change in every business they work with.


Account Relations

Caitlin is the highly skilled and versatile executive assistant at Top Hand Media. As the “office quarterback,” Caitlin is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the office run smoothly and efficiently. Her passion for administration and project management was evident early on when she found herself drawn to playing secretary rather than making mud pies. With a wealth of experience across multiple industries, Caitlin has the ability to think on her feet and consider challenges from various perspectives. This unique combination of experience and creative problem-solving skills makes her a valuable asset to the THM team. Whether coordinating complex projects, managing schedules, or handling daily operations, Caitlin approaches each task with a focus on delivering exceptional results – and just like the great Joe Montana she never misses.

Becki Mayo

Social Media Manager

Meet Becki Mayo, a talented and experienced digital marketing coordinator and social media account manager at Top Hand Media. Becki joined the company in 2022 and brings over 15 years of social media expertise to her role. With a creative spirit and a drive for success, Becki excels at developing and executing social media campaigns, as well as managing multiple social media accounts. Her dedication to delivering high-quality work has made her an invaluable member of THM. Becki’s passion for social media and her exceptional skills are key factors in the company’s continued success, and she is just getting started!

Dylan Hardcastle

Videographer | Editor

Dylan Hardcastle is one of our experienced and talented videographers/editors. Joining the team in 2022, he brings over 10 years of experience in the video production realm, creating for dozens of local businesses and people across the Central Valley. With an expertise in storytelling, he can weave any project into the narrative you want to be told. Dylan loves that he gets to pursue his passion everyday and believes that his calling is to help others articulate the stories they want to tell, but can’t tell themselves.

Daniel Bearden

Graphic Designer

Meet Daniel Bearden, a graphic designer specializing in Illustration, Branding, Packaging, and Print Design. Daniel got his start 15 years ago designing posters, graphics and logos for friends and family but soon realized his passion and turned it into a profession. His dedication to creating eye-catching graphics crafted with care and excellence makes him a perfect fit for our highly driven team – his inspiration? His wife and daughters. We love our THM family, and their families!

Taylor Simonian

Jr. Graphic Designer

Taylor Simonian is our current graphic design intern at Top Hand Media while pursuing a college degree. Taylor brings a refreshing and bold style to her designs, always aiming to create work that is visually captivating and impactful. Her willingness to experiment with bold colors and unconventional ideas reflects in her modest approach to pushing creative boundaries. Taylor embraces the opportunity to collaborate with teammates and deliver designs that leave a lasting impression. Taylor believes that nothing is possible without a solid team, and is thrilled to join THM.

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