Fresno Air Terminal, Parking Garage, FPV Drone

FAT expansions need a larger-than-life vision. And sometimes… you have to bring out the drone! And not just any drone, a FPV (first person view) drone. What better way to show off a FAT new addition to the airport than with a drone soaring through the air capturing all the details? 

How do you decide to forgo the cliché video camera footage or perfectly crisp photography? That is where THM steps in with the larger-than-life visions & brings them to life. Cookie cutter or cliché advertising strategy is something we steer clear of & we like to go the extra mile for our clients.

FPV Drones can capture much more than a birds-eye view. It actually can give you the FULL experience as if you are arriving at the airport and parking your car before heading in to catch a flight. We really wanted people to feel the full experience they will be getting when they arrive at the new and improved FAT. Cause let’s be honest, parking is one of the most stressful things besides canceled flights.