Branded Content: Videos

One of the most powerful ways to use branded content is through video. Video content creates an instant sense of connection between the consumer and the brand, allowing the brand to become more than just its product. By humanizing the brand, consumers are engaged far more than they would be otherwise. Here are a few things to think about while crafting a successful video content project.


The best branded content creates an emotional connection. Whether it is through comedy, stories aimed at the heart, or just sharing knowledge, there must be emotional engagement. Be sure to keep this in mind while brainstorming ideas. While some ideas may sound entertaining, without clear emotional intent, content could become lackluster and incohesive to your brand.


Branded video is not the same as a commercial. Branded videos are usually shared online through social media such as YouTube and Facebook. They are not specially formatted for television and do not produce overly promotional material. Steer your team clear of “in-the-box” thinking. Video is an opportunity to expand on what your brand stands for beyond the products or services it offers. Don’t worry too much about sticking your logo or brand in every shot, think bigger picture.


Be an authentic storyteller. No matter what direction you decide to take with the video, make sure every aspect feels authentic. Create a compelling story and commit to telling it. Remember that you aren’t tied to following a format that doesn’t serve you. Cut out things that feel too unnatural or unrelated.


Video series don’t have to be redundant. Creating a video series is a great way to keep consumers interested and looking forward to more content. Come up with a concept that can be repeated without becoming stale or is adaptable because of a common thread.


Here are some examples of branded video content done right:


These stationary sellers in Toronto created a beautiful video about how paper can become a conduit for love. The set up was inexpensive, emotive, and told a story that related to the brand.

 is a design company that connects consumers to inspiration, design, and designers. This video series does a great job of utilizing the brand within the context of a much bigger, relatable story. It’s an example of how to create a series that is repeatable while staying interesting.



Dove’s real beauty campaign created a dialogue about body positivity and empowerment that did a wonderful job of connecting the brand to much more than just its products. The video pulls on your heartstrings while maintaining an authentic, connective tone.