Business Is Like the Ocean

The ocean is a mystical force that is scientifically known to cause a sense of calm while simultaneously inspiring a sense of exciting adventure. We have seen the ocean referenced in history, poetry, and even business as a muse for success – but wait, how is the ocean like a business? We are so glad you asked.

When you think of the ocean, I am sure your mind defaults to the peaceful serenity of the seaside; gentle waves, the sound of birds, and sand between your toes. These moments of calm can be felt in a business setting as well when operations are running smoothly, like when new business rolls similar to the tide and profits are substantially increasing. The bliss is not stagnant either – it sends waves throughout the company and employees are able to reap the benefits through bonuses, promotions and even staff retreats – there’s no surprise that when business is good, it’s good for everybody. To maximize the benefits from the “good times” be sure to address areas that need your support; such as software, communication chains, and even policies. Simple changes during stable times will help keep your business stable for longer! However, we all know that this dreamy state of success is not consistent (despite your many efforts), and that storms are inevitable.

Storms at sea are infamous for their treachery, putting the fear of Poseidon in even the saltiest sailor. Sometimes we can predict the storm, just like in business how we can make educated guesses based on analytics and trends; other times, we can be caught in a squall that comes on fast bringing the harshest weather and turbulent work environment to boot.

In these moments of imbalance, it is important to remember your mission and call upon your team members, or crew, to step up and assist in staying on course and navigating through the uncharted waters. Perhaps you have a team member that works well under pressure, and you have a deadline quickly approaching; let them take the reins and help lead the rest of your team to success. Teamwork is crucial in uncertain times, and although we all wish for smooth sailing as the old saying goes: “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”

In order to allow for your team to have you back, it’s crucial to prepare your crew for whatever Poseidon throws your way. Make time for staff training, appreciation, and development; exploring new marketing  tactics; and exercising the importance of  team appreciation. A great example is one taken from an internal THM meeting, where we learned that 3/4ths of our staff had never been to Yosemite, which is basically our backyard. When this was identified, we took a “field trip” to explore the park and give our team the opportunity to enjoy something new! This is one small example of staff appreciation, outside of the office workspace. Perhaps you have a team member that could benefit from learning a new skill; that would be the perfect opportunity to plan a development day where a third party can teach your team new skills. Creativity cultivates success, and by creating a fun work environment, you will nurture your team’s ability to think outside the cubicle and may be surprised by the outcome. Don’t be afraid to try something new, and ask your team what they think about current business practices and how things can improve.

If you are looking for help navigating the tumultuous waters of business and fiscally managing your marketing/ad campaigns, THM is ready to take the wheel and Drive Change in your business, steering you towards success every time.