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All in the Family

THM AFTER HOURS: All in the Family For some families, tradition is everything. Sharing meals, taking trips, ringing in the holidays. Most of us are familiar with the idea of family ties but for Jarrod Markarian, these rituals are more than that. They help define his identity in a way that you might not expect.…

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Regatta Love It

THM AFTER HOURS: Regatta Love It Caitlin Frasch will tell you that life truly begins at 7,000 feet. That a little sunburn is no match for the blissful solitude of a walk with nature. That you can never collect too many pine cones.   She fits the definition of “mountain girl” to a T, trading…

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The Haunting of Eighteen Hundreds

THM AFTER HOURS: The Haunting of Eighteen Hundreds   Where do ghost stories begin? Maybe they’re whittled from ideas and experiences passed down from generation to generation until they barely resemble the source material. Or perhaps they stem from memories tethered to a place in time, kept alive by the feelings they elicit.   Whatever…

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