Don’t Swipe Left on TikTok for Social Media Marketing

What is TikTok? If you think TikTok is just a platform full of silly dances and internet trends for tweens or teens… Think again. TikTok is a short form mobile video content app and since its inception in 2016, it’s one of the fastest growing social media platforms of 2022. As of July, TikTok has generated over one billion monthly users across 154 countries. That’s a lot of users! It is the 6th most used social media platform and that is why you want to use it to your benefit. TikTok is also one of the most engaging social media platforms, with each user spending over 10 minutes on the app scrolling through videos during each session. TikTok is an excellent way to spread brand awareness and market your products or services. But with so many content creators and users, how do you stand out? How Can TikTok Work for Your Business? TikTok videos can be a maximum of 10 minutes long. It’s important to captivate your audiences’ attention quickly before they scroll past your video .It’s important that the average attention span for adults is about 8 seconds. Personally, I only give a video about 30 seconds to get my attention before I scroll on. Get creative. Don’t be afraid to try something new- you will never know what works for your business unless you try. Most users scroll through TikTok to find entertaining or funny content. Work in information about your business in an entertaining way to stand out and hold your audiences’ attention. If users enjoy your content, it will entice them to watch more of your videos. Do your homework. What’s trending? Spend time on the app, check out your competitors, and to see what types of posts get the most engagement- and don’t forget to scroll through the hot new sounds… we will get to that in a second. Hopping on trends fast and customizing that trend so it suits your business to make your product or service stand out. But keep in mind: if your video doesn’t pop off right away, don’t get discouraged. It may take some time for it to gain traction- even old TikTok videos can go viral. There’s a section within the app that lists the trending sounds or songs, so be sure to use them if it fits your videos. The easiest thing about TikTok, is that you don’t even need to be a professional video editor to use it. You can record and edit your videos right in the app. How Do You Get Your Video Views? So you’ve made some videos, but how do you get views? Utilizing hashtags isn’t something just for Instagram. The right hashtags are crucial to target the correct audience. TikTok even will show the amount of views each hashtag has received so you can choose the ones that will get the maximum amount of views. I can’t stress this enough: USE. TRENDING. SOUNDS. These sounds or songs will garner attention to your videos even if you hop on the trending sound a little late in the game. If you have an ad budget, you can use ads to boost your video views which include sponsored hashtags, banner ads, and in-feed advertisements. Reaching out to TikTok influencers, similar to Instagram in exchange for a free product or payment, can boost views to your videos and profile. Utilizing TikTok can take a little bit of time and effort, but once you get the hang of it, it’s definitely an app worth using for social media marketing. Of course, if this all seems overwhelming or you just don’t have the time for it, a great social media marketing team can help you grow your presence on TikTok. 😉