Fishing in A Barrel

In our last blog post we shared how business is like the ocean, but the comparisons go even deeper! We all know that there are plenty of fish in the sea, and that fishing in a barrel has a much higher success rate by comparison. Despite this concept, many businesses stick to “deep sea fishing” which results in catching only a few clients. Although the concept of fishing in a barrel can be difficult to grasp, we at THM are highly skilled fishermen – but how?

All good fishermen know the right seasons and how to identify what they are fishing for. They use special bait to attract the fish, high tech tools and gadgets, and of course sheer determination and follow through. Our company is not any different. Our team makes sure your prospective buyers, new clients or customers are targeted and will see ads created specifically for them, created by us on your behalf.

Similar to choosing the best lure from a tackle box, we start with identifying who your customer is, where they live and what interests/behaviors they have. From here we created a “profile” that gets fed into our software system. This is your target demographic (or, “fish,” in this instance). While this is occurring we are simultaneously meeting with your team to understand your business model, who your current customer is and what areas you are looking to grow. To ensure our tackle box is filled with everything we need to reel in the business you are after.

With our “fish” in mind, we use a variety of methods from traditional advertising to digital ads. There are approximately 33,600 species of fish in the world that are all unique. Similarly, every business is unique which is why no business should model their advertising strategy after another. Being unique is more important now than ever and communicating why your business is the best is why you should look to THM.

For the past 8 years we have pushed back on the easy route to advertise and market. We adapt our strategies constantly and are never consumed with “staying the course”. If you feel you are spending too much time fishing and not catching, give us a call. Let us DRIVE CHANGE in your business.