Mobile Friendly Websites Will Conquer

Word of mouth, print, radio, TV, movies, desktops- marketing and advertising opportunities are now everywhere. Yet, a study shows that people with access to both a mobile device
(smart phone/tablet) AND a desktop PREFER to use the mobile device. What does this mean for businesses in Central California? With a growing population of over 100,000 people, it is time for Clovis businesses to reach their new generation of customers through website mobilization.  Ensuring that your website is compatible for mobile use is more important now than ever.

Although statistics are fairly young for mobile views, it is clear that mobile shopping has taken over, and will likely continue to do so in the future. While bounce rates are higher with a mobile device than on a desktop on, there is also a direct correlation between the bounce rate and the number of downloads of their mobile app. This means that even though people are leaving their site faster while using a mobile device, they are often downloading the app and searching for specific items, not just browsing. Searching for specific items is directly related to increased rates of purchases.

Consumers often browse three or more different channels before making a decision to buy, so if your website is not accessible and appealing to customers, you might be losing business. Websites that are eye catching, easy to navigate, and equipped with simple checkout procedures provide mobile customers with the best shopping experience.  Seventy percent of mobile searches lead to action within the hour because people are ready to make purchases NOW.  It is important that your website is prepared and ready to meet the customers’ eagerness.

If you want to catch, hook, and reel in the consumer, find a Fresno website company that is able to help with all of your online needs. Consider Top Hand Media to be that choice. As the Central Valley leader in online marketing and advertising, we are prepared to help you’re your business with these strategies in mind. CONTACT US today to schedule a no-cost consultation.

When you find the company for you, make sure that they are adept to mobilize your site in order to help your business grow and prosper in the mobile future.