Google Renames Webmaster Tools to “Google Search Console”

Photo Credit by AResearchGuide

In late May, Google announced it has renamed its Webmaster Tools to Search Console. Their reasoning behind the move is pretty straight forward: optimizing a site is no longer a specialized function of expert webmasters,
and is now done by everyone from business specialists to novice site designers. Yet behind the clear and obvious reason, there may be a more important message: search engine optimization is more important than ever, and site owners of every stripe can take steps to improve their search engine visibility.

New Features of Google Search Console

Search Engine Land already reports two new features that have appeared in the Google Search Console. Centered on App Indexing, the features include a Search Analytics report for your Android apps, as well as “Fetch,” which gives insights into how “Google sees the content within your Android app.” These features are likely the first of many new tools that will help Google Search Console users gain a better understanding of how they are servicing the modern-day user base.

If powerful new features like Google analytics tools are what we get in return for the rebranding, we’ll gladly stick around to see what comes next.

Whether you have a team dedicated to your SEO strategy or manage your site on your own, we encourage you to check out Google’s Search Console. There are a host of great tools there that can help you understand how the search engine sees your site, as well as insight into any errors or issues that may prevent your site from performing well in the results.

If you have any questions, give us a call; will be happy to answer any questions about the Console and how you can make the most of the tools it offers.