How to Start and Bring A Campaign To Life

Watching your idea blossom into a well executed and successful campaign is a feeling that is unmatched for a growing business but sometimes it is easier said than done. We have brought over thousands of campaigns to life in various industries, and have compiled a fair amount of knowledge regarding the subject matter. So, if your team is in the process of creating a new campaign this blog post is for you!

First thing is first: you will need to sit down and work with both your client and team to isolate the following data:

  1. What are you trying to accomplish with the campaign?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. How are we going to reach the target audience?

After confirming this info you’re ready to put together a plan of attack.

Plan of attack!

With the campaign goals in mind, your team needs to produce great imagery and copy that can be used to drive results. After you have captured an image and have your copy ready, let the brainstorming begin on what platform would work best for the campaign.  You will also need to brainstorm on what platforms would work best for the campaign. Everything from social media posts, billboards, digital advertising, and print opportunities need to be investigated.

Tackling the next step!

The next step is your team assessing who your target audience is. The best way to find your target audience is by simply having your campaign sampled by the public in small doses, otherwise known as focus groups. When determining who should be in your focus group it is important to include a medley of demographics and age ranges so you can get a good pulse on what people are thinking. From there you can make any changes necessary and really focus on the home run.

Once your target audience is identified you can move forward with finding the right vendor that will help elevate exposure. To ensure success with vendors, deadlines are key. When you’re dealing with multiple vendors for an extended period of time it’s important to take note of those key dates to make sure all deadlines are met on time.

Measure your success!

Whether it’s a weeklong campaign or a multiple-month crusade, make sure you continue to measure your success. There may be a time in the middle of the campaign when you feel like an adjustment needs to be made based on some of the feedback you’re receiving. Keep a close eye. It’s not all about the end results, but more of a continuous check-in.

Make sure you finish strong. With any campaign, your overall message should really make an impact the best it possibly can. Be mindful of the images and messaging you’re using to make sure it has an even tone while also going out with a bang.

As we stated earlier, this is easier said than done so if you are still left scratching your head or not sure how to improve for future campaigns we are here to help! Bringing campaigns to life is what we do, and how we help #DriveChange in the way you do business. Let us help you reach your goals, so you can focus on every other aspect.