Marketing in Fresno Today

Fresno, California is home to over 526,000 people and 17,500 businesses – with so many people to consider, how do you craft a compelling media mix to reach your intended audience? To answer that question we first need to address a problem: It seems many of the businesses in the valley do not have a concrete marketing plan or, if they do, it is falling short in critical ways preventing them from seeing success. To aid our fellow Fresnans in their mission to succeed we have compiled 7 essential items to consider while developing a marketing plan.

1 . Establish your audience

This may seem simple, but you would be shocked to see how many businesses don’t really know who their audience is which makes it hard to reach them and execute a successful ad campaign – it would be like taking a shot in the dark and hoping to hit the bullseye. You can establish your audience by identifying the consumers who are engaging with your business and purchasing product. Other key demographics are consumer(s) age, gender, location, language and other defining purchase intent. This data helps you define your in-market audience and will lead to a higher conversion rate.

2 . Compile Data

Building off of #1, you can compile the data you collect when identifying your audience to build your target audience. Understanding your buyers behaviors, interests and purchases will help you determine what type of marketing tactics will work best. This is best done through sophisticated software that compiles data from all social channels such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Google or any other social media platform, as well as location tracking, demographic and behavior tracking. This is also one of THM’s service offerings.

3 . Identify How to Market to Them

Building off of #2, you can decipher which social media platform will work best to send your message across. From this data you will know where these people are searching, watching or listening the most. If you are conducting your data analysis correctly or partnering with the right agency, this will save you time and your business a ton of money.

4 . Set a Budget and Timeline

Many businesses fail to practice this very important piece of the puzzle. Time is money, and if your campaign isn’t performing well you need to have a cut-off date or spending limit in mind to prevent you from a poor Return on Investment ( ROI). Your advertising budget works as a cost control tool. It helps control your overall spend for a campaign or ad set, the same way a bid strategy helps control your cost per result.

5 . Design and Plan

Here is where the real leg work comes in: with all your pieces laid out in front of you, you can begin to design your very own marketing plan. This is when you will fine tune and make sure your ads are appealing to your audience with correct and catchy CTA’s. Your “campaign” collateral needs to be relevant to the audience: Consumable and shareable, but most of all create a response to engage which is why when you are choosing your content creator it is critical to find a company that will speak to your audience as you would through images or videos that will obtain their attention.

6 . Implement 

Who will be following the analytics? Responding to messages? Handling the incoming emails from the campaign? Before you implement your well thought out plan, be sure you have appointed the proper team members to manage the execution of the campaign so nothing falls through the cracks – or else your campaign may very well be all for nothing. With key players established, it is time to implement your plan and watch it dazzle your audience. Your campaign is live!

7 . Adjust as Needed

Not all plans are perfect, that is just the nature of the ever changing marketing beast. With that said, you must be ready to adjust and optimize, pivot as needed and above all, do not get emotionally attached that your decision making is impaired.

When the campaign is wrapped up, don’t forget to compile the data so you can evaluate your successes and shortcomings to create an even better campaign next time! So before you blindly boost a post you think is cool, take a step back and assess your overall marketing strategy – is there anything you could be doing better? It can definitely be daunting, especially when the algorithms are constantly changing, but that is why Top Hand Media is here to lend a hand and help you create the best campaign possible. To get started, email us at