THM’s Weekly Dish: T.W. Patterson Is Cooking Something Up, Instagram Nametags, Hoaxes, and New Discovery Options on Pinterest


What is T.W. Patterson Cooking Up?

This last week, T.W. Patterson asked their Facebook followers what kind of food they’d like to have downtown. Seems a little suspicious… and we’re wondering what they’re up to. Is there a new restaurant coming into the T.W. Patterson Building? Either way they’re asking people to voice their opinions so why not let them know what you think? Check out their Facebook page to comment on their post. We’re a pretty hungry bunch up so we’re just excited about the potential of a new restaurant. 


Instagram Nametag

Following new friends on Instagram is easier now with the help of Nametag! Instagram created and tested the customizable identification card earlier this year at universities around the country before making it accessible to all users. You have the option to customize your ID code by visiting your profile and clicking the three lines at the top right corner. From there, users can choose between colors, emojis, or snap a selfie to set as their default picture. Similar to the Snapchat QR code, Instagram Nametag can be scanned by other users and allow them instant access to start following you or your business! Download the app now in your phone’s app store! Available for both Android and iPhone.


Friend Hoax

Was your Facebook newsfeed flooded over the weekend with updates claiming people’s profiles were sending out friend requests? Many of us saw the updates and received suspicious messages through our messenger app. No need to fear, it was just a hoax! It is important that you delete the message right away and tell your friends the news if they have not heard.


Pinterest New Discovery Options

Whether you are planning your next event or outfit, Pinterest is making it effortless to discover similar content to what you have already pinned with the ‘more ideas’ tab.

“With the “more ideas” tab on each of your boards and sections, you can explore new recommendations inspired by the ideas you’ve already saved. You’ll also see suggestions for new sections you can add to help organize your ideas.”

This new feature could be a huge deal for marketing agencies due to rising Pin trends and users being able to search for related content prompting your Pins to show up.