Today’s Marketing = Storytelling

Attention spans are dropping and the traditional mythologies of Advertising and Marketing are going by the way side. Digital is the future, and one by one, savvy business owners are starting to realize this.

Yet, so many businesses still spend valuable marketing dollars on print ads, roadside billboards, radio and TV advertisements. You have heard me say this before, “in 10 years, print media will no longer exist.”

The biggest issue I have with these advertising platforms is they are all cookie cutter images pushing stale communication via boring and out dated marketing strategies.

Rarely do I see a print marketing story that compels me to be engaged, and moves my emotion to the point of purchase like a digital ad does.

This is a problem we’re solving at Top Hand Media, and it still exists locally with well-known brands in the Valley- they can’t sway away from BORING print ads!

They all come down to a lack of thought, commitment, evaluation of who their customer is, and how to meet their needs.

Once someone’s attention has been gained, and they become engaged with the brand–The creative becomes the interactive variable of your advertising and marketing success.

The creative must build depth and create a journey where the customer feels appreciated and involved, the customer then feels like they’re “growing” with the brand.

When that buy-in occurs, the person is loyal to the end. I can tell you from personal experience that not many companies understand the value of digital.

The ones that do… are growing.

The ones that don’t… are becoming extinct.