Road to Pink: Using a Video Series to Create Community Engagement

What happens when you combine a passionate business with a local community and then film it?

You find allies and partners just as passionate as your business to push content to new networks, which can generate buzz online and in the community.

Fresno Acura is deeply involved with the Fresno community and generously gives to a lot to different organizations throughout the year. Recently, they participated in Breast Cancer Awareness Month throughout October. Fresno Acura wanted to document and share their story as the month went on, so we created a video series called Road to Pink. Watch the video below to see how they raise awareness and money for local breast cancer research organizations.

Set your business adjectives and budget

Fresno Acura is investing a lot to make this happen: They’re paying for the car wrap, they’re taking the time to attend events, and they’re donating over $1,500. This is a cause Fresno Acura has been behind for years, and they’re passionate about spreading awareness. The next step is tying their efforts into the local community. Watch their event recap video to see how they’re getting the community involved.

Set your business adjectives and budget

How else does a pink-wrapped car fit in the community? Fresno Acura’s answer: An art show. More signatures, more donations, and more awareness. One of the most popular events in Fresno is Arthop, a fusion of art, commerce, and comradery that fills the downtown streets. Who else could they bring into this equation to make this campaign more successful? How about some other businesses that share their passion for Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Watch the video and see if you can point out who those local partners are.

Set your business adjectives and budget

We saw some pretty big names there like the Fresno Grizzlies, Tioga Sequoia, and also the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure event. During this video series, Fresno Acura was able to create content that appeals to several different target audiences. They were also able to reach new networks by building partnerships within the community.

With one more video on the way, Fresno Acura is creating a channel to push more people in the community to support and interact with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They shared these photos and videos on their website and their social media accounts to keep the community involved and engaged.

But for Fresno Acura this was never about getting better engagement — the purpose of this video series was to strictly tell the story of something they’re truly passionate about. It’s an authentic emotion that audiences can relate to and want to be a part of, which is even better.

In order to pull this off, there are five important takeaways to note.

Find your passion in the community

It’s easy to say you’re passionate about ending homelessness, but without any action, it’s only a conversation. Think about how your company can create a channel to raise more money or awareness. Most businesses have some sort of passion whether it’s a cause, event, or partnership. Figuring out how you can invest more time and energy into your passions will help you figure out your next steps to involving the community.

Sharing your story

Depending on variables about your business, you may have a small network of 100 people or a large network of 10,000. Either way, you want your audience to know what you’re doing because they might be interested. How can you get more people involved? If you’re silent online and off, you’ll probably get little interest. But if you can use your network to advocate your passion, then there’s a good chance someone from your audience is interested.

Develop partnerships with those who have similar passions and goals

Anytime you can collaborate with other people and businesses that are as passionate as you are, it’s a win. Finding those partners may be hard, but as soon as you start incorporating your story, the more interest you’ll find. This goes hand-in-hand with making sure you’re sharing your story.

Budget for flexibility

If you’re creating a video series, you may want to stay away from companies that have strict contracts on time allowances. You want the flexibility of being able to capture an unexpected event during your campaign. If you’re digging through a contract to figure out exactly how many hours you have left, then you may miss the perfect moment. That may sound rare, but it happens a lot, especially when you want to share the perfect story.

Take advantage of all the BTS (behind the scenes)

Before you hire a production company, check to see if they grab the BTS or if that’s an additional charge. We at THM have always handed over BTS with no extra charge because it’s part of the experience and story. This is also an opportunity for your team to take BTS selfies, do live recordings, and quick updates to keep your audience engaged. Any BTS is more interesting than a stock photo you find on a free site.

Is a video series right to tell your story?

It takes time to tell these stories properly, but when you do it right, you can get different networks and communities behind your business. Fresno Acura used a video series to accomplish that. What can you do?

If you’re interested in having THM help you brainstorm ideas on how your business can tell their story or get involved, please reach out to us!



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