Why small business’ need local Fresno, not national, marketing companies

Hero vs. Villian, Good vs. Evil, East vs. West, Big business vs. Small; competition breeds success, and making sure you are spending your money in the right places, will ensure your business growth. Entrepreneurship and starting a business from the ground up is the reason society is what it is today. In the US alone, 89.8% of business’ have less than 20 workers, making small business dominant in today’s society. The days of traditional marketing methods and ideologies are gone; no longer do companies want to ‘fit in’. Today, to survive you must STAND OUT. How can a small business stand out more than having an experienced, engaging, knowledgeable company, help you reach your goals faster than ever imagined? One way: By using a LOCAL Fresno marketing company.fresno marketing company

Marketers are expected to spend 540 billion dollars globally on advertising this year. By no means am I comparing the money earned by local marketing companies to national or even global companies. Making sure that money is spent correctly is the focus of all small business’ as every penny feels like a million bucks. A national or international marketing companywill be able to pump out a great product, in a timely fashion, but at what cost? When calling a big brand for customer support, you get a different person on the other side repeatedly,and you have to go through what seems like thousands of options before you get to your final destination, which is always accompanied with frustration. A startup company should want to brand itself with its own identity, network, and culture, and to also make sure to align with other establishments like itself. Instead of signing up for a big brand company that will make you feel like a number, entrepreneurs should think local when looking to outsource their marketing.

Local marketing companies like Fresno’s ‘JSA’, ‘Catalyst Marketing’, ‘Bertz-Rosa Creative’ and, ‘Top Hand Media’ are great examples of how being a local group can help a small business achieve their goals in a way that both parties see the success. Local economy gets a double positive, instead of being outsourced. These companies are able to harness their local roots to; target the specific demographic wanted, make sure their advertisement is visually appealing, write advertisement verbiage so it resonates with the customers. The immersion in the culture of Fresno is what helps them be able to successfully grow the business’ of whom they work with. Their individual touch in having a personal account rep assigned to each client eases any tension of a new business owner. Small businesses do not feel small when working with a local company, because they are treated with the respectthey deserve.

Success is shared and there is a feeling of pride when local companies work together. Instead of being another one half of one percent revenue for the month, both will significantly feel the results of a job well done. This, in my opinion, is why I feel local companies work harder; because there is a tie to a company that they see every day in their community. Being able to sit down face-to-face is still worth its weight in gold, especially in the early stages of starting a company. You are more willing to help those people you will see in the grocery store, than you are to help a name in a different state or country.

Not all global or national companies are villains, but, local marketing companies are the hero to all small business’ needs.   Don’t get me started about local SEO companies. :)