Why THM loves HubSpot Academy

At THM, we’re big believers in constant learning. Whether its conferences, workshops, webinars, whatever, if there’s an opportunity to grow professionally, we’re all about it. That’s why one of our latest loves is HubSpot Academy.

What it is

It’s an online training center for marketers, salespeople, and designers to continually build upon their skills and learn industry best practices. It’s free and open to anyone. (You don’t have to use HubSpot’s marketing automation software to reap the benefits.)

How it works

The academy offers courses and certifications in a variety of different areas. Each includes videos led by HubSpot employees with industry expertise. There’s also advice sprinkled in from experts outside of HubSpot. The courses vary in length, and you don’t have to tackle them all in one session. You’ll create an account, so your progress will be saved, and you can come back at any time. If you’ve chosen a certification, you take a final exam at the end, which if you pass, you receive a badge and printer-friendly certificate.

Why we’re into it

We love that there are so many options. The topics range from sales enablement, content marketing, contact management, website design, email marketing, agency, inbound sales, marketing automation, social media, search engine optimization, and lead generation. So there’s something that will likely appeal to most anyone no matter your marketing or sales role. You can also designate if you’re looking for beginner, intermediate, or expert courses.

In the end, it’s a great tool for anyone looking to learn. And since we’re always interested in new resources, share with us what’s your go-to for professional development. We’d love to add to our arsenal.