Why Video Marketing Is a MUST

and how Top Hand Media can help you elevate your video content game

It’s no secret that the digital world has undergone a huge transformation over the last decade. We truly live in a mobile video content world. People do their research on employers, restaurants, products to buy, do-it-yourself projects, and more organically throughout their day on mobile devices.

According to Smart Insights, 72% of people prefer video over text content when learning about a new product or service. Think of the way you typically learn to fix something, you likely see if there is a YouTube video about it. And when you see that amazing new tasty dish your favorite restaurant is serving up, you make it a point to go try it.

So here are our top 5 reasons why video needs to be a vital part of your marketing strategy.

  1. Video Boosts Conversions and Sales

Think of how many times you watch a 5-second video Ad vs. reading the text of an Ad that comes across your screen. What moves you more? People simply spend more time on web pages or social media with video content attached. Whether it is an explainer video about your product/service or it highlighting the value, it has been documented (by Google) that videos drive more traffic than any other advertising means.

Client Related: Amdal Transport is up 30% this year since launching a driver highlight series.

  1. Video Shows Great ROI

Unlike newspaper, magazine, or billboard Ads, video has an incredible return on investment. One video can yield 5-7 different versions, feeding different demo and socio-graphic audiences. You can have one long version of your video, but then break it out into 5, 15, and even 30-second segments. Each can live on a different social media channel or even better, target a different audience for your product or service.

Client Related: Sierra Kings Health Care District’s Spring and Fall 2022 Campaign has used multi variations of Ads across 5 different digital platforms.

  1. Video Builds Trust

When done correctly, video content is likely to engage you and ignite emotions. When you tell your Brand Story this is your way to connect with your audience and have them understand your purpose and why your business is better than the same one down the street.

Client Related: Marchini Farms made two different Brand videos for their Radacchio and Fig lines which has yielded new business in new markets.

  1. Video Marketing Can Explain Everything

98% of users say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. So how does this apply to your business? This could be anything from parking tips, best times to shop, when you typically have the biggest sales when inventory comes in, or maybe a new dish that your restaurant is launching.

Client Related: THIS VIDEO made for Tulip Brand, placed on Amazon, increased Amazon sales by 15% in Q2.

  1. Video Encourages Social Shares

It’s no secret that the more people who share your video the more “potential” new customers you could attract. What most businesses forget is the fact this is FREE advertising. When a person shares your video with their network, they are finding your video content interesting enough (knowing their friend group), that many of their friends will as well. This is the new school version of word of mouth marketing.

Social sharing of videos is drastically underrated compared to views. However, we would argue that more people who share your video to their network, make it a win-win for you. You get the views and you get the reach to more customers like the ones you already have.

Client Related: Island Waterpark received thousands of views and shares from a GoPro 360 video we shot during the summer. Stills from this footage were repurposed as well across many social channels.

PRO TIP: Consider the platform you are shooting it for before you shoot the video. Vertical style should be used exclusively for Instagram, TikTok and YouTube Shorts. If your goal is a website video or homepage reel, then you will want to use horizontal format. With YouTube pouring new emphasis into SHORTS, then you want to consider the purpose of the video more before you make it for YouTube.

All things considered, if you are not producing weekly video content then you are losing market share to a competitor who is. Ultimately, we strongly suggest having a decent video budget and stretch those videos across as many platforms that are available. And finally, having a few different versions of those videos available as part of your strategy is a win in Driving Change in your business.

Of course content creation can be daunting, especially if you don’t know where to start but thats exactly why Top Hand Media is here to help you Drive Change in your business. For more information on how we might be a good fit for your production needs, shoot us an email to Jerry@TopHandMedia.com