Why You Should Respond to Clients ASAP

Response times and why they matter

Now that we live in a world that is always connected, response times are more important than ever. Client communication is the top priority at THM. It is our goal to respond to any email within an hour of receiving it, even if we are in the middle of a project meeting, working on deliverables, or in our personal creative space! Not only is this good business practice, but we know that not everyone has the same schedule and we respect our client’s valuable time. 

Over the last decade, our response practices have proven to be one of our best “policies” here at THM. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Builds trust

Our client knows that we are caring for their business as if it’s our own. One of the best ways to build a solid foundation with clients is simply by being available and attentive to not only their needs but their audience’s needs as well. We take pride in the trust we have built with our clients and their audience, conveying their messaging in the best manner which includes timely responses. Quick communication shows that we not only received the message but that we are actively working on it as well.

2. Fast tracks timelines

Timelines are most commonly delayed due to pending responses. Delayed responses between emails can prolong a project, but more importantly, create a distance from written memory. Simply put, the client may not remember what they wrote or why they wrote it, days later. Keep the thoughts fresh and respond quickly to ensure timelines stay on task.

3. Resolves problems quickly 

It’s wise to have a “Quarterback” in place that can quickly and efficiently secure information for the rest of the team. The quicker the loose ends can be confirmed the more efficiently the entire team can move forward with the project(s) at hand and not lose momentum. Assigning a dedicated person to circle back on things that may have been missed shows great quality control and attention to detail that will not go unnoticed by your clients.

4. Keeps Everyone Connected

The longer an email goes unanswered the longer the client wonders what is going on, and may begin to evaluate if they are important to you or not. Is the project being done correctly or to the best of the agency or company’s ability? These are not questions you want your beloved clients asking themselves. Over communicating and timely check-ins are appreciated and will keep all involved parties up to date and part of the team. 

5Become Champions of Business

Emails do not have to be long-winded nor do they have to be incredibly detailed. Sometimes a simple “Thank you, your email has been received and I will be in touch EOD tomorrow” will put the clients’ minds at ease and create a reasonable timeline for a response. Audit your company’s current response time to and evaluate how long it takes each employee to respond to a client email. If it is more than an hour, the longevity of that client over time will most likely dwindle. Become champions of business and practice quick response times to keep your clients in the “know” and success will shortly follow. 

Between company emails and the numerous social media platforms, responding in a timely manner can seem daunting, but that is why Top Hand Media is here to help! Allow us to Drive Change in your business, and keep you in the fast lane to success. Give us a call today!