Word on the Street Volume 1: Digital Marketing

Our digital world is constantly changing to serve us better. Are you keeping up? If you’re having trouble staying on top of the latest news, launches, or revised regulations, stay with me. I promise to make it short and sweet so you can get back to living in the present.

Jam City

Step aside Spotify and Pandora: there is a new streaming device in town! Google just announced their plan to launch “YouTube Music,” a premium streaming service that intends to rise above popular streaming platforms. You might be thinking, “Why is this exciting?” Well, Google ensures this new streaming service eliminates major annoyances, such as ads, background listening, and downloads. I think we can all agree that life is better without interruptions.

“YouTube Music will become available on May 22, in two flavors: A free, ad-supported version, and a premium variant that costs $9.99 per month. Google Play Music subscribers get the best deal, as they get a YouTube Music Premium subscription for free. The price is the same as Spotify’s monthly Premium Plan and Apple Music’s monthly subscription.”

PSA: New Insta Stickers

This next update is for my fellow Instagram story lovers. Over the past week, you’ve probably seen an abundance of stories displaying a new sticker … the emoji slider. This slider is similar to the “poll” sticker but allows you to use emojis to interact with your audience for some fun visual content. If you want to spice up your IG story game, I challenge you to use the emoji slider sticker on your stories to engage with your friends! To insert the slider into your story: select it from the scale option in the sticker tray after taking a photo -> place it where you want and ask a question -> pick the best emoji that corresponds with your content -> add to story!

Got Writer’s Block?

A new week means coming up with new creative content! Here at THM, we love content calendars because they help us organize all of our weekly content amongst our variety of clients. The first couple of minutes when you sit down to plan out your week can seem easy, but as time goes on and ideas run out, frustration can arise. When you find yourself in a roadblock, it is important to have valuable resources on deck to keep the content inspo flowing. These valuable resources can be members of your internal team, your favorite social media accounts, or even industry competitors.


Reel In Your Audience

Keeping your target audience’s attention can be difficult because of our fast-paced digital world. However, MailChimp just made connecting with people via email much more fun and time effective. The next time you send a fun e-newsletter to your contacts, use their new video feature with the perfect CTA to set yourself apart!

THM’s Foodie Spotlight:

In other tasty news, Entenmann’s has announced its nationwide search for one major donut enthusiast to bite off the perfect amount to chew. The iconic company is holding a contest to find its honorary “chief donut officer” who will serve as a brand ambassador and add $5,000 to their bank. Is your pastry batter a crowd favorite? “Donut” miss your chance to apply. Entries are open to the public until June 30th!