Word on the Street Volume 13: Click & Connect

If you don’t know, now you know


Our digital world is constantly changing to better serve us. Are you keeping up? If you’re having trouble staying on top of the latest news, launches, or revised regulations, stay with me. I promise to make it short and sweet so you can get back to living in the present.


Reach 911 in 5 clicks


If you have been paying attention to the news lately, you know we live in a society where school lockdowns, concert shootings, and other emergency situations are prevalent. It’s no surprise that people are looking for different ways to ensure their safety or that they’re prepared for similar situations. Thanks to a new iPhone iOS 11 feature, we now have a discreet way to contact the authorities when help is needed.


Through Emergency SOS, 911 dispatch can be activated through a series of button presses on your phone and each is unique to the version you have.


  • iPhone 7, 7plus, and older phones: Activate 911 calling by pressing the lock button rapidly 5 times
  • iPhone 8, 8+, and X: Press and hold the lock button while holding down one of the volume buttons at the same time to dial 911


After these sequences are completed your home screen will give you the option of “Emergency SOS”, “Medical ID”, and “Power Off”. Apple has made the decision to help people in case of emergencies, allowing iPhone users feel safer knowing that with a few taps they can reach someone when in need. Spread the word to friends and family.




Popular grocery stores such as Walmart and Kroger have implemented online ordering and fast pick up without having to leave your vehicle. Whole Foods’ parent company, Amazon is now offering the same service when you use the “click-and-collect” option to order groceries online through their website. The only catch thus far is you have to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of this convenient shopping method and they are charging $4.99 if you want your food ready for pick up in 30 mins or less. Worth it to be able to do your grocery shopping in pajamas 🙂




A start up company has found a way to remove tons of dead seaweed beaches and turn it into creative phone cases and other tools. PHEE has been collecting these raw materials from several coastal cities in Greece and by doing this they are saving the country thousands of dollars in labor costs. Are you interested in seeing how this is done and what the final product looks like? Check out the video below & support their willingness to keep oceans/beaches clean!


Snapchat Spirals

Have you felt a decline in the desire to use Snapchat due to the popularity of other social platforms recently? You’re not alone! Snap Inc. growth momentum has declined and has seen less use this past quarter. This could result in a major decrease in ad dollars spent. We have a hunch this has everything to do with their redesign. What do you think?



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