Word on the Street Volume 9: The BEAR Necessities

If you don’t know, now you know

Our digital world is constantly changing to better serve us. Are you keeping up? If you’re having trouble staying on top of the latest news, launches, or revised regulations, stay with me. I promise to make it short and sweet so you can get back to living in the present.


What once was a childhood staple, has recently turned into a promotional disaster. Last week, Build-A-Bear Workshop ran a one-day event where customers could pay their age for ANY stuffed animal.

This marketing campaign did not go as intended and many eager mall goers were turned away after hours of waiting in lines outside the store. The company later released statements disclosing security concerns for the “mob” esque crowd and the sales associates.

“The response to our Pay Your Age Day event has been overwhelming and unprecedented in our 21-year history,” Build-A-Bear said in a statement. “The safety of our Guests and associates is our top priority.”
Prior to the conclusion of the event, customers received vouchers that are available for redemption until the end of August.


See ya later green straws!

Photo by Adrianna Calvo from Pexels

The iconic green straw will begin its exit from Starbucks counters starting this fall.


As an effort to remove excess plastic waste from the world’s oceans, the coffee powerhouse will be rolling out straw alternatives such as: new cold lids (that resemble sippy cups) and straws made of alternative materials. This major move came after Seattle’s (home of the first Starbucks) decision to ban plastic straws and utensils entirely from all restaurants, coffee shops, and bars.


Even though we have access to plastic straws, cups, lids, and utensils currently – we should all strive to turn away from these tools to jumpstart the reusable and recyclable movement. You can find reusable straws and cups at any Starbucks location.


Fun Fact: Your Starbucks order will cost less if you bring in your own reusable cup!


Sharing is Caring

A fun night out usually ends with you and a group of friends sharing an Uber. But who pays for the ride? Do you just Venmo your friend five bucks and call it a night?

Well, these two companies have teamed up together to make splitting the fare easier. Last Thursday, the popular ride-sharing company announced their partnership with Venmo (mobile payment app) that integrates the payment system into the Uber app. “With so many of our riders and eaters already turning to Venmo as a way to pay a friend back for that last ride or meal, we’re proud to have built a seamless, easy-to-use connection between our apps,” Marco Mahrus, Uber’s head of payment partnerships, said in a statement.


Before your crew orders an Uber, make sure your Venmo account is connected in the app!


20 Questions Revamped

New week, new Instagram stories addition. An update which features a type of “sticker” has hit users last week and you have probably seen them in each of your followers’ stories. The new questions sticker is similar to the polling feature and emoji slider that was previously added, but this has more of a personal interactive element.

If you want to get or give your followers a more intimate look into your life, simply snap a pick, click the sticker icon and choose “question” to add to your story. Now followers can ask you questions and people can see the answers as they tap through the story sequence. One thing to keep in mind: Questions asked are not anonymous to the person who you submitted it to – however, when they share your question, your username will not show up.