The Weekly Dish: Halloween, Fresmo, Social Media No No’s and more!

Make your Halloween Content Count!

This is probably coming in a little late especially if you’ve scheduled your posts. But every year there’s always a few businesses that find some stock illustration/graphic that says, “Happy Halloween.”

If that’s what you did, we need you to stop what you’re doing. Finish this next sentence. And GO TAKE A PHOTO OF WHATEVER YOU SEE. If you need some ideas, read this article for some quick inspiration for your Halloween content.

Halloween has a lot of opportunities for great content, so if we see you posting something unoriginal we’re calling you out. You’ve been warned.

Fresmo & the ArtHop Launch Party

So last year we did this thing with a rap video all for a great cause. This year Fresmo is back at it but going (approximately 2x) bigger than last year. We’re aiming to raise over $10,000 for the Movember Foundation, and we have a lot of different ways the Fresno community can help.

First, come to ArtHop tonight at Tioga Sequoia. We had 12 awesome artists paint and donate 2-foot wooden mustaches to auction off. We’re also raffling off a lot of amazing prizes like LA Galaxy gear, Fresno Grizzlies merch, and a 39” TV. We’ll have some DIY arts and crafts, and we’ll be selling Fresmo merch with all proceeds going to the Movember Foundation.

Oh, and BTW — Tioga is releasing the Fresmo beer, Hop Fuzz, which is the champagne of IPAs. It’s actually pretty scientific but ya, you don’t want to miss this. Also if you’d like to donate or join our team click here.

Looking in the mirror: Small Business No No’s on Social Media

Even though we’re in the frontier of Social Media (and the internet), our audiences have grown accustomed to how content should look and feel. For example, most businesses are getting away from stock photos because we had years and years of really bad stock photos. Many audiences see stock photography usage as lazy or not authentic and that is just one sign of an outdated company. Our team thinks this article does a good job of pointing out some common mistakes that our audience can spot pretty quickly.

What makes a good Social Media Manager

We get it. Finding someone with the right combination of can-do attitude and social media knowledge is tough (we probably hired most of them). But that shouldn’t stop you from not engaging in social. Whether you’re looking for a person or an agency, part-time or full-time, organic posts or ads, there are people out there that can help grow your business through social media. Use this article to come up with questions when hiring a person or an agency. And if you’re thinking about an agency, we may happen to know one. (We’re talking about us)

Red Sox Social Team, the Real MVPs

What’s your favorite baseball team? Yeah, same. Did we just become best friends?

But for real, favorite teams aside, the Red Sox won the World Series on the field and social media. How does a brand capitalize on a win? You make it last. After winning the World Series, the Red Sox went back and replied to a lot of the criticism they received on opening day.

And the content was a home run. Check out some of the best comments here.