Where To Find Inspiration

Everyone goes about finding inspiration a little differently. It’s easy to forget the importance of slowing down and really taking the time to look at what’s going on in your industry. Here are a few simple things you can do that can end up leading you to fresh, new ideas.

One can easily find inspiration without ever leaving the office! Talking to your internal team about what they are currently watching, listening to, where they are shopping and what trends they are liking and/or disliking will give you a fresh take on someone else’s perspective. It’s also important to keep your team up to date with current events. Whether this is included in a simple group Slack message or a company newsletter, it will help keep a healthy mind hungry for more.

An obvious go-to is cruising through social media. What are people posting about? What are people engaging with? What content is trending? What ads are popping up when you watch that YouTube video? Not only is it important to look at what different industries are doing, but what the leading Advertising Agencies are representing themselves. This can also help you keep a pulse on what social platforms are most beneficial for your individual client.

Find those industry-leading competitors. It’s important to look at your clients’ competition to see how they are marketing themselves. You want your clients to stand out, be different, and have a fighting chance. Looking at examples of social campaigns, websites and reviews can help you construct a game plan that makes the most sense for your client. In order for them to rise above, one needs to map out the game plan based on what’s going on around them.

Invest in making connections. Remember, it’s very beneficial to get your team out of the office, away from the screen, and attend a conference or participate in a class. This opens their minds to discuss industry trends, mingle and make new connections and pick up on new tips and tricks they can apply down the road. Outings such as these can also help a team member look at certain industries, such as your own, with a new angle.

At the end of the day, one has to remember to unplug and take a breath. If you take the time to relax the mind by picking up a book, taking a walk outside, or finding a new podcast your team member can come back refreshed and ready to conquer. It’s easy to just tackle the tasks at hand and not actually take the time to look at the big picture. Invest in your team and they will invest in their work.

It doesn’t take much for inspiration to strike. You just need to know where to look. Happy hunting!