Why you should use Google Adwords

People always ask us the question – Do Google Adwords still work? The short answer is YES. Adwords is a great marketing strategy when used wisely.

Here are four things you should know and/or do to be successful with Adwords.

  1. Develop the ability to measure success. What does this look like and how are you going to do it? What is the call to action? Is it a call to click or a submission for more information? Adwords provides many ways you can easily figure out your ROI. Choosing the right methods is the most important aspect.
  2. Focus on one campaign at a time. Far to often, especially small businesses, start with multiple campaigns. This is not only fiscally unsound, but also causes management and tracking issues. If you are a small business, hire a professional. You will spend more time vetting negative keywords that are affecting your Ad spend then making sure the campaign is producing results.
  3. Line up your Adwords Campaign with your SEO. This might be the biggest oversight in launching a successful Adwords campaign. Understanding how Adwords compliments your SEO is extremely important. If the homework is done right, paid search will increase not only your direct traffic, but also your organic.
  4. Routine monitoring. You need to monitor your campaign daily. You should have someone who watches the “Real Time” traffic on your site and track when your Adwords are hitting at what times. You can also run an analysis on when the keywords are searched the most. This will help your Ad spend. If your keyword is Fresno Dentist and most people are searching this term between the hours of 7a and 4p, then there is no reason to be paying for the ad between 4p and 7a.

Top Hand Media is a Fresno based, Online Digital Marketing Agency. If you are looking into starting an Google Adwords campaign you should speak with a skilled, knowledgeable professional. We are more than happy to chat with you on your goals and company needs. Feel free to give us a call or stop by or new office in the TW Patterson Building at 2014 Tulare Street #609.