Word on the Street Volume 7: Keep Calm & Scroll On

If you don’t know, now you know

Our digital world is constantly changing to better serve us. Are you keeping up? If you’re having trouble staying on top of the latest news, launches, or revised regulations, stay with me. I promise to make it short and sweet so you can get back to living in the present.


You snooze, You ….lose? Not in this case

Is there anything worse than logging into Facebook and having the finale of your favorite show ruined because someone got a little spoiler happy? Now instead of having to unfriend this person for their major faux-pas, Facebook is introducing a new feature to our News Feed controls called Keyword Snooze. 


This tool will allow users to temporarily hide posts containing keywords that they don’t want to see. #WINNING. The Keyword Snooze feature can be found in the 

upper right-hand menu in your News Feed (and will be super handy when Game of Thrones comes back on next year!).


Browse & chat with four of your friends!

Instagram keeps proving to us that they’re here to stay! First, they blow Snapchat out of the water with their own take on video stories, then the company goes after YouTube with IGTV. Now the social networking service is unveiling video calling that will compete with other video chat platforms like FaceTime, Skype, and Houseparty. Instagram is becoming a one-stop-shop for users’ because it houses everything people need to connect and put creativity on display for over one billion users. Their newest launch allows people to minimize the video chat window so that you can continue you to scroll through your IG feed without having to end the call.


Test out this latest addition now by going to your direct message screen and hitting the video icon. Happy chatting!



Spruce Up Your Social

Make your company stand out from the crowd by creating engaging clickable social cards. 

This simple graphic has increased website traffic by 250%! All you need to do is go to AnyImage and choose your image, descriptive text, and link your website.This is unlike normal image posts because people can click on the image and be send directly to a landing page. This highly engaging tool is a great way to increase engagement with followers and drive more website traffic from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Try this out the next time you need to promote products, services, software, or a fun blog and see the difference.


TanaCon Disaster

VidCon, the annual YouTube convention that spotlights famous channel creators took place two weekends ago (June 22) in sunny Southern California. However, one controversial YouTube star Tana Mongeau, was not in attendance because YouTube royals, Hank and John Green, did not designate her as a featured creator. Mongeau’s brand has created quite a stir this year so she took it in her own hands to create TanaCon.


This event was free to the public but was shut down six hours into the day by officials. After poor planning and execution the event failed and many people who paid $65 for VIP access were denied entrance. Due to this flop, people are now talking about Tana more than ever. Her name is everywhere and now she is becoming more of a “celebrity” and she didn’t have to spend extra marketing dollars or endorse useless products to make it happen. This leaves us with the question, “Is bad press really bad press?”


Keep Calm & Eat On

Taco Bell introduced us to their perfectly crisp and seasoned fries through an epic marketing campaign back in January and our office couldn’t get enough. I mean, we literally made an entire video about it! Sadly, they disappeared off the market shortly after, leaving us with visions of fries dancing in our heads and anticipating their return to T-Bell’s menu. Last week our dreams came true because the company gave us some great news! They will be frying up these perfectly golden and delicious fries and serving them with a side of melted cheese starting July 12th. HALLELUJAH!!!