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After Hours

All in the Family

THM AFTER HOURS: All in the Family For some families, tradition is everything. Sharing meals, taking trips, ringing in the holidays. Most of us are familiar with the idea of family ties but for Jarrod Markarian, these rituals are more than that. They help define his identity in a way that you might not expect.…

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Two Hearts Much Fonder

THM AFTER HOURS: Two Hearts Much Fonder Meeting a significant other for the first time is rarely, if ever something one plans for. Imagine crossing paths time and time again with a complete stranger, totally oblivious to the complete and utter transformation a chance encounter may have on your life. Now imagine waiting all your…

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Regatta Love It

THM AFTER HOURS: Regatta Love It Caitlin Frasch will tell you that life truly begins at 7,000 feet. That a little sunburn is no match for the blissful solitude of a walk with nature. That you can never collect too many pine cones.   She fits the definition of “mountain girl” to a T, trading…

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Going Back to Cali

THM AFTER HOURS: Going Back to Cali There ain’t no party like a west coast party.   Jen Pan knows this first hand. Landlocked and east of the Rockies for over two decades, she recently set foot in Pacific waters for the first time in 21 years. Having relocated to California, this trip was long…

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Back in the Saddle

THM AFTER HOURS: Back in the Saddle 17 seconds. That’s how long it takes to bring home the jackpot.   At least, that’s what Brooke Bingham is counting on. Her best bet at achieving this? Partners in crime, Boogie and Hunny. Boogie knows the ropes and she takes pride in making sure he’s well cared…

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