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Resilience Challenge Sparks A Change In Lifestyle

By: Cory Mayo What Is The Resilience Challenge? The Resilience Challenge is a team building exercise to help raise funds for research for blood cancers and help support Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This challenge is about reaching your personal goals. Whether you reach 1 mile or push beyond, people that participate have the opportunity to…

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The Power of Testimonial

It is in every business’s best interest to provide its clients or customers with the best possible experience and service. At THM, It’s in our DNA. From start to finish we want our clients to be happy, feel valued, and feel like our team delivered nothing short of excellence. When all is said and done,…

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Moving On, and Moving Up

Why Supporting Your Employees Choice to Leave Actually Helps Your Business The greatest investment a business can make is in its employees; they are the backbone of the business and their efforts are what keeps the wheels turning. They know the business inside and out and can offer depth into what works and what doesn’t…

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With or For?

From our CEO I am always amazed at how many supervisors say “they work FOR me” or “yeah they are MY employee.” It may be hard to catch at first, but once you are aware of the ownership dictation used, it can be pretty hard to miss and definitely disheartening especially when those same supervisors…

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Why You Should Respond to Clients ASAP

Response times and why they matter Now that we live in a world that is always connected, response times are more important than ever. Client communication is the top priority at THM. It is our goal to respond to any email within an hour of receiving it, even if we are in the middle of a…

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