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Back in the Saddle

THM AFTER HOURS: Back in the Saddle 17 seconds. That’s how long it takes to bring home the jackpot.   At least, that’s what Brooke Bingham is counting on. Her best bet at achieving this? Partners in crime, Boogie and Hunny. Boogie knows the ropes and she takes pride in making sure he’s well cared…

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The Haunting of Eighteen Hundreds

THM AFTER HOURS: The Haunting of Eighteen Hundreds   Where do ghost stories begin? Maybe they’re whittled from ideas and experiences passed down from generation to generation until they barely resemble the source material. Or perhaps they stem from memories tethered to a place in time, kept alive by the feelings they elicit.   Whatever…

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What does the top floor of the T.W. Patterson Building have to say about New Year’s Resolutions? Their answers may surprise you.

From dream job titles, to asking Santa for a yoga swing and a Ferrari at age four, and repeated cries to eat clean and get more sleep in 2018—these are the oh-so profound holiday thoughts and musings heard on the 8th floor of the T.W. Patterson Building. The crew at Top Hand Media and IMAGO,…

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In Movember, Run-Mo-Run!

As a digital marketing and advertising agency, specifically in California, Top Hand Media would like you to stop and appreciate the continual creative things Movember is doing. It you haven’t seen it, Movember has launched a free game called ‘Run Mo Run’

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