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Regatta Love It

THM AFTER HOURS: Regatta Love It Caitlin Frasch will tell you that life truly begins at 7,000 feet. That a little sunburn is no match for the blissful solitude of a walk with nature. That you can never collect too many pine cones.   She fits the definition of “mountain girl” to a T, trading…

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Branded Content: Videos

Photo by from Pexels

One of the most powerful ways to use branded content is through video. Video content creates an instant sense of connection between the consumer and the brand, allowing the brand to become more than just its product. By humanizing the brand, consumers are engaged far more than they would be otherwise. Here are a few…

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Six Reasons Why Your Brand Needs Snapchat

Whether you’re a business owner, program director, social media marketer, or any other creative—you cannot ignore the fact that Snapchat has changed the game.   Technology trends are changing every single day and while some are fads, Snapchat has proven it is here to stay. Launching only four years ago, Snapchat (also known simply as…

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You Get What You Pay For: Websites

The saying you get what you pay for is applicable to many things in life and holds true when talking about websites. Often businesses will opt for a cheaper option without considering what they’re really getting – or in most cases, not getting for that price.   TLDR; You get what you pay for and…

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Stop Wasting Ad Money

Is your Ad money paying off? – LIKELY NOT! What is your cost per acquisition for each of your advertising mediums? If you don’t know the answer to this question, then why not? Social Media contains the best behavioral, demographic, and geographical information on the planet. The measured results social media ads are able to…

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Tree of Life!

Walking into Tree of Life for the very first time, there is a sense of oxygen and life. You almost have to ask yourself if you missed a memo informing everyone that downtown Fresno was finally comfortable with being ‘trendy’. On the corner of Kern and Inyo street is the Hotel Virginia; a historic hotel…

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100 MILLION dollar cat

If anything can convince you that participating in social media is worth the effort, it’s the story of Tardar Sauce, a two year old playful kitty born with feline dwarfism. It is this dwarfism that led to Tardar Sauce’s transformation to the one and only ‘Grumpy Cat’, the beginning of a fortune for her owner,…

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